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Sizzle Reel

Atherton Pictures has worked with The National WWII Museum for more than 15 years producing a wide variety of films for use in exhibits, special events, and for fundraising. These are samples from the more than 500 films we have produced for the Museum. 

My Journey: Ernie PYle

Visitors to The National WWII Museum’s Campaigns of Courage pavilion use a dog tag embedded with an RFID chip to scan at five kiosks to follow an individual’s personal story through the war. This is the story of famed journalist Ernie Pyle with actor Gary Sinise providing the voice of Pyle. The film won a Silver Telly Award. 

Victory begins

at home:

new orleans 1944

The Victory Ball is The National WWII Museum’s annual gala, and this film was produced to honor the WWII home front contributions of the residents of New Orleans. This film won a Silver Telly Award.

My Gal Sal is a B-17 that crash landed on an icecap in Greenland during WWII. This film runs in the U.S. Freedom Pavilion: The Boeing Center at The National WWII Museum and gives visitors a short history of how the plane came to hang above them in the museum. This film won a Bronze Telly Award.

Jack Baldwin

oral history

Atherton Pictures has nearly 200 fully produced oral histories running in exhibits at The National WWII Museum. Jack Baldwin tells the story of one little boy and the brutality of war.

Museum gallery

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